OneTapMovies is a mobile application powered by Avantar, LLC’s OneTap™ technology. It recognizes where you are and shows you results of several movie theaters beginning with the one nearest to you, all with OneTap of your finger and nothing else. Results include movie theaters, titles, times, critic ratings (stars), movie ratings (PG, R, etc.), ready-to-play movie trailers, and an interactive map with driving directions to each theater. You can also quickly sort your results by theaters, movie popularity, star ratings, newest movies, and you can also change your default location.

All of this information is available to you by a single OneTap of your finger. And if you want read more information about each movie, for your convenience, we also link each movie directly to IMDB (International Movie Data Bases).

OneTapMovies is a must-have for all movie lovers.

What is OneTapMovies™?



-iPod Touch




-United States

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2008 OneTapMovies™ is property of Avantar, LLC.

Features Include:

- OneTap does all the work for you

- The nearest theater and movie showings display based on your current location. You can also change your default location

- Displayed information includes: theaters, movies, times, critic ratings (stars), movie ratings (R, PG, etc.), trailers, maps, driving directions, and more.